Rejecting the capstone?

The great drive of our day is outward and active in order to possess people. It is hard for the driven to stop and wait in order to be possessed by God. The national day of prayer at Wembley stadium was illustrative. The stadium was half full. Is this how God’s people value time with Him? As I gazed at a bank of empty seats, I realised the message probably never got out. Leaders, driven by growth strategies to overcome increasing indifference, filtered the invite through their vision and discarded it. Have we become so busy keeping the program running that there is no space to stop and be with God unless it is on our own terms?

‘The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone.’ (Psalm 118:22) I am sure the builders were competent. They had a picture of a good stone. This one, not fitting their criteria, was rejected. We too have criteria. If there is no vision or mission strategy that will take ‘the world for Jesus Christ’ the ‘stone’ is rejected. Jesus, however is neither of these. He is our Lord!

I am not suggesting everyone should have been at Wembley, rather that Wembley hinted at the state of our church. When I am lost the hardest thing can be to stop and ask directions. When I do stop, it is hard to hear directions that don’t fit my expectations. Are we rejecting the capstone?

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