Prostitution rejected

Many imagine that our Lord has no interest in our lives outside of a personal relationship with Him, as if we lived in a spiritual bubble. Hosea 9 challenges the upbeat perspective of God’s people. In today’s terms, there is something wrong and Hosea calls on people to confront their own prostitution. Today, our prostitution … More Prostitution rejected

Sliding values

It seems that we so emphasis our relationship with God that we have forgotten who it is we are relating with. We have determined He will accept us no matter what we do, so we cease to care how we treat Him. As we drift, our teachers fall into moral sin, and cannot uphold God’s … More Sliding values

Torrent to come?

When I read of the collapse of God’s people in the last days of Israel before the Assyrian invasion, I am amazed that godliness could be wiped out in such a short time. Then I look at what has happened in the UK. Thirty years ago even an agnostic would know the basics of Christianity … More Torrent to come?

Response to abuse

How did Jesus respond to abuse? It seems He responded with an honest statement of the truth, often in the form of a question. Take the betrayal of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. He asks Judas, ‘Do you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?’ No accusation was needed, no anger, rather He … More Response to abuse