About Derek

My name is Derek, I have been walking with Jesus for many years now.  From the earliest times He has been challenging me to walk a path that both stretches faith and leads to deeper intimacy with Him. It has been a path deeply immersed in the Scriptures, studying the Bible with the Navigators.  It is a path that has led to many different countries and cultures that have broadened perspective and helped to see God through new eyes.

Pondering in the firelight

I love silence and space, so God in his mercy and humour gave me a wife and four children who keep me grounded in reality.  My perfect day is reading in the hammock on a warm summer’s day.  My passion is God, so I spend a lot of time with Him.  My wife and I seek to make our lives unhindered lights to His glory.  We delight in being together: ministering, sampling cafés – The Portuguese ones are the best, walking, …

I tend to get a blog out in the range of once every 5 days to 2 weeks.  I keep them to under 260 words. For those who want more, I put a link at the end to my original Bible study. I have become a little more erratic lately and hope to improve. This is because I have a new role with the Navigators as UK Country Leader – that is, National Ministry Leader.

If you want to read about my earlier years then there are some links called ‘Articles from earlier times.’  These articles tend to be more practical and link in with life situations.

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