God given gifting can frustrate God’s path.

2 thoughts on “God given gifting can frustrate God’s path.”

  1. This post feels like part 1. You have been very open and honest about the lessons you learned from this experience (lessons that I can benefit from too). Is there a flip side though? Maybe its just me but if you are frustrated then its likely others are too and in my place of work I would escalate matters in order to avoid disaster occuring further down the line? Perhaps I have missed the point…

    1. Yes Dave, I understand where you are coming from, and previously I too would have tried to push things towards what I saw as a wise approach. Here however, with the personalities involved that was not going to be an option without serious fallout. I feel like the Lord is using a situation in which others sin in order to expose my pride. The battle at this point in time is not for a good outcome, but for growth in character. I pray that the good outcome might not be too long in coming.

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