Peter & John

For some months the Lord has been shutting down active parts of my ministry. There are many fronts, but one by one I find the areas of contribution blocked. I realise that the Lord is asking me to focus on remaining with Him, standing in His presence in prayer. In an activist world it is a challenge to let go of what others applaud, and yet what an honour!

In John 21 Peter has just been commissioned by Jesus to feed and take care of His sheep, when he looks back at John and asks ‘What about him?’ Jesus’ replies: ‘If I want him to remain until I return, what is that to you?’ (Note: Remain as in John 15 the vine.) There is a touch of envy between Peter and John. Peter has just been given this amazing commission but knows John has an intimacy with Jesus he would love. John sees Peter walking off with Jesus to discuss future ministry. He would love to share in the glory of active ministry with clear impact.

Why is there such bemoaning about what we don’t have instead of rejoicing at what God has so graciously given? I know I am guilty. There is this fear of losing out that can drive us to greed for what others have, so we lose contentment for what He has given.

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