Be Still

We live in a world of doing things. We justify our existence by what we do. When there is success people ask, ’What did you do?’ In this environment there is little space for God.

In Ps 46:10 the psalmist writes

‘Be still and know that I am God.’

This statement is so counter our 21st Century Christian culture that we don’t know how to handle it. The response of many is, ‘Yes, but how do we DO that?’

This verse is focused on ‘Be’ not ‘Do’. It seems that the way forward is to allow God the time to work on WHO we are, even if that compromises what we DO. So, when an issue comes up that needs time for reflection with God, forget planning for the important meeting, spend time with God and allow Him time to speak to you about the issue. Can I trust Him that He knows about the important meeting and that He can intervene to rescue us from embarrassment? It is in allowing Him this opportunity both to work on me, and to handle the meeting that I come to  ‘know that He is God.’

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