Whom do we worship?

Society exalts what we do and what we produce. We find ourselves worshiping the God who does things for us. This leads our hearts to shift our worship from a focus on God himself to what He does, or becoming self absorbed or focussed on the experience.

A discussion arose on what men and women were looking for in each other. The men thought women wanted a provider … In fact the women wanted to be loved.  The women thought men wanted someone to take care of a home, whereas the men wanted a lover and a friend. Less mature responses might be that the relationship is all about ourselves, or to focus on the experience of the relationship, not the person.

A similar misconception works out in worship and life. In Song of Songs 4 the man, symbolising Christ, describes the woman, symbolising His people.  He delights in her beauty.  This is about who she is in character and love, not about doing things to produce fruit. For many our concept of living and worshiping is about what we do and what matters is what we achieve. We find ourselves overlooking who we live for and how we live – the outworking of faith, hope and love. In Song of Songs 5 we see the woman, having heard her lover speak tender and affirming words of love, responding with heartfelt praise of her lover for who he is.

Can we listen to God when He tells us how He loves us?  Can we worship Him for who He is?

2 thoughts on “Whom do we worship?

  1. pbus1 says:

    It’s all about Him! It’s all about Jesus!


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