Limited Vision

2 thoughts on “Limited Vision”

  1. Sometimes God gives us marching orders and we start going forward but somewhere along the way, we get ahead of God or even off the path He had for us. We focus on what we want and what we think should be done and forget to continually seek guidance from Him. Spending time with Him daily, seeking His will and His plan will help us make sure our vision matches His. Thanks for some great thoughts to think about today.

  2. Ah yes. I am sad to say this is all too familiar. I find it so easy to get ahead of God – even as I spend daily time with Him. I think what happens is that I start off seeking Him at every step. As time goes on, I become rather complacent and think I have sorted out where He is going. Then I become so engrossed in what I believe to be the right way that I start neglecting to ask Him. It seems the only way I learn is when I begin to stumble, yet again, and He draws me back to His path.

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