Facing reality

2 thoughts on “Facing reality”

  1. Really good post. As an elected member of the government, a Christian, and very focused on our “real walk” with God, I was drawn into this issue in a big way a few months back. No doubt I put off many in our church when I took that stance that we had abrogated our rights to try and make a stand on this issue. Unfortunately, we as a “church”, by our lack of action, have already approved of homosexuality; we given our rights away, and God has stood back and allowed us to do it. Like so many things, including eternal salvation, it is our choice, and don’t think He won’t let us do it. He has, He did, and it’s done. What we do now to turn it around is up to us…

    1. I think the issue from here is to realise that this is not, as some would label it, the last taboo. We just can’t imagine at this stage what the next one will be. I am sure however that it will be so much worse than the current one that when we look back we will see this issue of marriage as a mere taster. Our cultural values are collapsing so quickly that change in degree is almost bound to be beyond what we could currently imagine. The church needs to make a strategic decision of turning around its attitude towards discipleship. Discipleship is not something that God does with a wave of the Holy Spirit, but is something we have to prayerfully develop in people through study of the Word and living by the Spirit. Only then will we begin to engage with and teach about how we as Christians really live in this world. It is probably too late to engage with the issue of marriage, but if the Church is willing to start speaking out now, it may have some ground to stand on when the next issue comes up.

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