Worldly spirituality

2 thoughts on “Worldly spirituality”

  1. And, quite often, the crucifixion is a painful business. Mostly because we have stuck so rigidly to our own found pathways that we find being released or transported or otherwise relieved of the accoutrements we have piled up along the way very, very difficult. We have probably allowed them to grow on us and to grow into us and the removal is like tearing flesh. Not pretty. And for those of us who have suffered there is only the capacity to stand alongside those who are willing to undergo such a transformation in solidarity, encouragement and compassion. In my humble opinion and experience.

    1. Well put. I think your comment about how things have grown into us is particularly insightful. It certainly produces the tearing of the flesh as we let them go. I remember when leading the UK Student Ministry my need to make sure I was not allowing that position to become my identity. When we make our identity anything other than Jesus, then it is really painful to see them go.

      Then your second comment about standing alongside people who are undergoing this death, is really helpful. It is with compassion and encouragement. They are usually in a very vulnerable position.

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