The Lord’s Leadership

Can I trust God for my leaders? A while back I saw someone take a role I felt they were unsuited for. At that time I needed to trust God for His control. Then a situation arose that tested this godly person’s leadership with extreme circumstances.

I did not like the leadership given yet the Lord challenged me, reminding me that this leader was His anointed for His purposes. Humbled, I reflected on this. I began to see that the Lord had intervened in an amazing way. He had brought into play exactly the right people at the right time so that the overall outcome was good. Where there were weaknesses, others were brought in and the weak were kept from having to work in their weakness. Where there needed to be an intervention, a key leader was in place, who intervened in an appropriate way. Where a decision was needed, this leader rose to the occasion and made a good call.

So now, as I look back on this situation I am amazed at the Lord’s leadership and His shepherding of us. As Psalm 28:9 says, ‘Save your people and bless your inheritance, be their shepherd and carry them for ever.’ A significant part of my error was to think that the Lord’s leadership was focused on a person. In fact He works out His leadership through all involved. He is able to bring into play the right people at the right time for the outcome He is looking for.

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