Fragrance of Christ

When a person meets with God, the impact is not often in the spectacular, but in the fragrance. It is not often in miracles or recordable events, but in the tenderness of the love, the quietness of peace, the steadfastness in hope. This fragrance impacts those around us. They are qualities that are infectious, and in their turn bear fruit for Jesus Christ.

‘While the King was at His table, my perfume spread its fragrance.’ SofS 1:17

These qualities come to us when we meet with Jesus at His table in the Tabernacle, meditating on Him as we chew on His Word, fellowshipping deeply as we participate in His cup. This is a place of fellowship and inspiration, where we see things from His perspective under the illumination of the Spirit -the Golden Candlesticks and respond by praying, not our wish list, but the intercessions that come from His heart at the altar of burnt incense.

When we meet with God in the inner sanctuary then He works His qualities into our lives and transforms us. This transformation is experienced by others as the aroma of Christ. It is an aroma we are unaware of. Our focus is on Christ, and we are so caught up with Him that we become unaware of ourselves.

This type of testimony has to be experienced. Words don’t quite do it, in the same way that fragrance cannot be described except through rather inadequate comparisons. Love when told about rather than experienced always sounds somewhat corny.

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