Shades of grey

I was shocked by an exercise of going through the events from Gethsemane to the cross taking the perspective of those who were condemning Jesus. I found it all too easy to understand some in the Sanhedrin voting for His death. The exercise exposed the weakness of my shades of grey, big picture mentality.

Whereas I could not understand those adamantly against Jesus, I found myself understanding those who thought they saw the big picture. I began to understand those who, with reluctance, cast their lot against Jesus thinking that what He was doing could lead to rebellion and suppression by the Romans

At times like that I need the perspective of those who, seeing black and white, stand and say, ‘This is wrong!’ They more than I can see the line in the sand that should never be crossed.

This comes as I struggle while not easily able to delegate.  My shades of grey mentality sees the perspective of busy people doing good things and allows them to walk away while I live on the borders of an unsustainable lifestyle.

Thankfully, my Lord stands and tells me, ‘This is wrong! You have to change!’ The fault lies not with others, but with me for permitting the situation to persist. I need God’s grace to rescue both me and the organisation. I need the voice of others who can come up with imaginative suggestions about who can take over tasks. I need courage to accept the tough decision that some things should be left undone.

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