Lifestyle of the Spirit

The fruit of life overflowing with God is evident in the Fruit of the Spirit. Psalm 15 takes a slightly different angle, and brings out eight qualities of lifestyle.

Dwelling v1 – People who overflow Christ give of themselves to dwell with Him, and as Christ dwells with them His life overflows into all that they are.

Actions v2a –They seek to live a life that pleases Him. Not with forced self-righteousness, but the love of Jesus overflowing into life.

Words v2b&3a – They will speak with integrity and without slander. As Jesus said, ‘From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.’

Respect v3 – People who dwell with God learn to respect Him, so they respect other people’s boundaries. They don’t need to belittle rivals or take what belongs to others.

Attitude v4a – Our heart’s desire is often seen through the ones we value, and the examples we follow. Do we value the wealthy and ways of acquiring wealth, or do we value those who seek God?

Commitment v4b – When there is confidence that the Lord has brought us down a path, we are willing to stick to it and allow the Lord to use it for our training whatever hardships it brings.

Generosity v5 – When we have experienced the Lord’s generosity to us, we can be generous to others, knowing that we can trust Him to provide for our future.

Peace v5b – When trouble comes, those who dwell with God are reassured and live in peace.

For the full study on Psalm 15 – Fruit of the Spirit in Psalm 15

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