When life is an open wound

2 thoughts on “When life is an open wound”

  1. Thank you for positing this! Very timely…

    I read the original Psalm through in several translations… It’s really an interesting one.

    Something that caught my attention is how, once the Psalmist begins to set his mind on God and His wonders, he doesn’t return to a mere discussion of his own pain and problems. Maybe the wonder at God and the trust that seeing His past faithfulness evokes are a salve to the pain. Hard to think about your pain when you’re caught up in awestruck wonder. When you’re finally able to reach that point in your heart…

    1. Hi Aimee. Thanks for the comment. This is very true. I find it is a bit of a battle. The moment I allow my problems to resurrect they drown out everything else. It seems we need to find God and then stick with him in order to encounter a place of peace and wonder.

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