What do I trust in?

When things are going wrong, we go to our source of strength –

I look up to the mountains—does my help come from there?

[Psalm 121:1]

Everyone has their mountains from which they expect help. For some it is money, for others, alliances with powerful people, for others it is in their personality.

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!

[Psalm 121:2]

It takes faith to let go of these mountains and depend on our creator. When we are desperate we are tempted towards proven solutions. We have to learn to take God at his word when he says –

He will not let you stumble;

[Psalm 121:3]

Though he might leave us in trouble for longer than we are comfortable, if we hold on to him, he will come through.

the one who watches over you will not slumber.

[Psalm 121:4]

When we have been hard pressed for a time, we are tempted to think God has taken his eye off our situation. How can he care if he sees without acting?

The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade … The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.

[Psalm 121:5-7]

Jesus promised, “I am with you always.” What an encouragement. If we could see the harm he keeps from us, we would be amazed. As it is, we trust him. This is faith. Only as our faith is stretched do we gain resilience to stop depending on our mountains.

One thought on “What do I trust in?

  1. evaleaf says:

    Thanks. Just the right word for this morning.

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