Prepare the way

For years I have observed Christians shut down by the vehement anger of others that falsely accuses in order to silence its own conscience.

Pass through, pass through the gates!

The Lord encourages us to go out. Despite our fears, we are called to leave the safety of our stronghold.

 Prepare the way for the people.

We are to prepare a way. A way for Jesus’ people to return, those who left for the pleasures and experiences of the world, and for those who have yet to know Jesus. All these need a safe path, a path of grace and forgiveness.

 Build up, build up the highway!

We are to build a road that anticipates and overcomes the obstacles for those who would enter.

 Remove the stones.

There are stumbling blocks of old religious views and expectations, the ways of the prodigal son’s older brother. We need to examine our own hearts.

 Raise a banner for the nations.

Let us raise up Jesus as our banner. There can be so many extras raised to attract. Let us not allow anything to distract from him.

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