Cannot rest?

2 thoughts on “Cannot rest?”

  1. Do you think that there is a shared responsibility here, rather like the Romans passage in which Paul talks of God giving people over to their sin, in the same way as we are so easily distracted by so many things, and harden our hearts to Him, so we deny ourselves those opportunities to find the Oases along the way, and God also prevents us from finding them.

    1. Yes I think you have a good point. I have always taken our responsibility as the main factor. God does however take things away and that is a challenge. Suddenly my control is gone. I have seen this happen personally and it was really distressing to realise that I had pushed the Lord too far and He was then going to deny me access to some things that I had grown to take for granted. As you say though, it is a shared responsibility, the initiative can come from either side.

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