Count on a caring God

I thank my Father that He cares enough to work with me for my wellbeing and character. I seem to swing between Psalm 105, learning to rely on Him to look after my wellbeing, and Psalm 106, seeing Him develop me when bad character is exposed.

We are so trained to predict problems and prepare that we can forget God. Consider the people of Israel led into the desert. What about the sun, or no food and water? The Sovereign Lord however created a covering of cloud; He sent manna and water. Can I trust Him for the problems my predictions throw up? Can I allow Him to lead me into a desert leaving Him with what is beyond my control? Can I follow Him without fear knowing He cares for my wellbeing?

When I become confident in God I can swing to becoming presumptuous; doing whatever pleases ME, while applying a spiritual label of course. I switch from fearful distrust to presuming God will clean up my mess. My Father is concerned both about my wellbeing and my character. When I lack respect for Him it comes out in my lack of care for the time and resources He has entrusted to me or in arrogance towards others of His children.  Suddenly I am the one who is the subject of His unwelcome attention as He sends difficulties to train me. This too is His care.  Though patient, He values me too much to leave issues that stunt my growth and harm others.

One thought on “Count on a caring God

  1. Eva Leaf says:

    Wow!! A good reminder and help to renew perspecitve.

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