Sacred Trust

Few realise that they have been entrusted with anything special. I hear Christians frustrated when others seem unable to grasp things that seem obvious to them. These Christians fail to realise that their understanding is a mystery entrusted to them. Paul identifies himself as a servant of Christ in 1 Corinthians 4:1 and most Christians would understand that, however he then continues to describe himself as ‘… one entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed’.

Those who grasp that they have been given a sacred trust to pass on often think only in terms of words. Paul, by contrast, sends his letter and Timothy, his loved and faithful son in the Lord. He sends his message by words and a life that people can imitate. (4v16-17).

If our message is with words only, then people struggle to accept the application to life. I see people look at their leaders and the extent to which they themselves live out their message, then they follow suit. On the other hand, if the message is only with life, people come to their own conclusions about why the messenger’s life is so different. They usually get it completely wrong. When I lived in the states people were convinced my life was different because I am English. Words are needed to explain the principles and power behind the lifestyle.

So, we need to live out, and be ready to explain what the Lord entrusts to us.


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