Entrusted with mysteries

Paul identifies himself as both a servant of Christ and one entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed (1 Corinthians 4:1). It is to the first part that we warm to; we know our place as servants. The challenge is the second part; that we have been given a sacred trust of the mysteries that God has revealed. In my experience as a mentor of Christian leaders few realise that they have been entrusted with anything special. Many are frustrated that others seem unable to grasp what is obvious to them. They fail to realise that this understanding is the mystery entrusted to them. They are the ones who have the responsibility to bring it to the church.

This trust is a gift from God and as with all gifts, in embracing it we realise that the Lord has done something special in our lives. He has entrusted to us something of Himself. What a blessing and a responsibility.

Many fall into the trap of trying too hard to press on everyone what has been entrusted to them. This reveals our insecurity; we can be made to feel great if others are blessed by our blessing. Paul lets go of control as he sends Timothy with a letter, passing on the mysteries. The letter holds the teaching, his loved and faithful son in the Lord holds the life. (4v16-17). A powerful combination that allows the Lord to work in people’s lives as He opens their eyes and their ears to receive the message intended for them.

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