Sliding values

It seems that we so emphasis our relationship with God that we have forgotten who it is we are relating with. We have determined He will accept us no matter what we do, so we cease to care how we treat Him. As we drift, our teachers fall into moral sin, and cannot uphold God’s standard without being confronted by their hypocrisy. So, while we are singing, ‘We want more of you Lord Jesus,’ our Church is moving in the opposite direction.

Many millions on the web are searching on Jesus and the Bible. When it comes to moral issues, such as theft, lying or immorality, it is a couple of thousand at best and in the UK only a few hundred. In fact the tool that locates such search questions is struggling to come up with examples.

It seems that in the Church we have accepted the secular view that spirituality is fine so long as it does not interfere with the way you or others live. Nothing may stand in the way of personal enjoyment or experience. We demonstrate this acceptance through silence. We will not talk about the state of the Church. The older generation hope no one notices their little peccadillos; many of the younger generation are living in flagrant sin but few have noticed.

I am left with a disturbing question: When will the Lord, who knows this better than any, step in? How will He draw these unwelcome facts to our attention?

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