Forgetting God

When I am spiritually empty I get caught up with myself, and forget God. It is a strange emptiness coming either through abandoning routine times in the word and prayer or through intense activity and not having space to just BE with Him, even if I have not neglected the spiritual disciplines. Psalm 36:1 speaks … Continue reading Forgetting God

Cannot rest?

Do I find it hard to rest because I have hardened my heart? We live in a generation that cannot rest but always looks for the next adventure or the next entertainment. Our culture is restless and we as Christians are influenced by it. Psalm 95 speaking of the people of Israel during the Exodus … Continue reading Cannot rest?

Peter & John

For some months the Lord has been shutting down active parts of my ministry. There are many fronts, but one by one I find the areas of contribution blocked. I realise that the Lord is asking me to focus on remaining with Him, standing in His presence in prayer. In an activist world it is … Continue reading Peter & John

Quiet to listen

But godliness with contentment is great gain.. 1 Timothy 6:6 I have struggled with contentment. It can drive out ambition to do anything. How can one achieve if content with unacceptable situations? It has taken a curious set of circumstances to show my need for contentment, and that my drives can block progress. My situation … Continue reading Quiet to listen